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Monday, February 15, 2010

Faushnauts- I am Becoming Catholic

I remember being a little kid and every year near the end of winter everybody was eating and making fausnaughts. These were made using the last of the lard by the homesteader wives, the lard to be used before the beginning of Lent.

Great recipe blog from a Mennonite homesteader. I'm excited to try out a lot of her different recipes. I am looking forward to trying out making her no-fry faushnauts. I remember quite clearly watching the anchormen from the local Lancaster news channel making, eating, and sharing faushnauts with everybody that they saw. I am quite in love with my Mennonite roots and I am also making the big decision. Im officially becoming Catholic. Through the RCIA of the church I will enter into full community with Sacred Heart.

I asked them a lot of questions in the weeks before hand. questions about community and love and the institutionalized Church.

I made sure they knew that i was poly-denominational mennonite, lutheran, brethren, catholic.... and i know that i have found a lot of truth within Buddhist thinking and way of the warrior. I think that firstmost i learn faith, life, and truth in the forest. i find myself within a loud echoing voice of the divine within my mind's meadows. more thoughts on becoming catholic to come.........

HAPPY FAUSHNAUTS DAY!!! Mark your calendars Becoming Catholic APRIL 4th Easter, Sacred Heart!!!

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