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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Continuing the Conversation

We had an amazing morning over here in Waterfront South in Camden, NJ continuing the conversation about sustainability with Sustainable Cherry Hill and friends. It's an exciting time. THe greenhouse is ready for planting and The Center For Transformation convent is well under way with the kitchen going in this week. Soon the retreat center will be ready for people who want to come. Keep in mind that everything is covered with two feet of snow, and we're still harvesting greens out of our bathtubs in the greenhouse. The tour visited all around the neighborhood for the Environmental Justice Reality Tour where we observed literal concrete problems and poisons and a flourishing green micro-economy.
Continuing the conversation:

Poet of Poverty: A continuing conversation

As a follow up to the January screening of "Poet of Poverty" at the Cherry Hill library, the Center for Transformation and Sustainable Cherry Hill are hosting a continuing conversation in the Waterfront South neighborhood out and experience the signs of hope, including the renovation in progress of the Center’s home, Eve’s Garden, the future sites of a fruit orchard and more vegetable gardens, the new community theatre, the new community center with a gym, etc. We will then gather to discuss what we’ve seen and heard, and imagine the next steps in the partnership between the Center for Transformation and Sustainable Cherry Hill. Come and join us.

The Junior Farmers Marco and Lenny gave a very informative portion of the tour inside the greenhouse where they described the bicycle -powered rainwater catchment system, the re-purposed food grade barrels, and the trench for the closed-loop aquaponic system. They were awesome. People were really excited about the rainbarrel. win-win-win Hire youth to repurpose food grade barrels for distribution around the sewershed. We've been giving a lot of nice tours lately.

The conversations were amazing. It felt like everybody keeps doing their part and together we are making huge leaps and bounds exploring concepts such as combined stormwater systems . The bottom line do we transform our problems into resources? How do we use our ingenuity to re-purpose, up-cycle the waste stream??!!

here's some other ways some other people are talking about it:

I feel as though it's ok to start thinking about Lent even though it's not here yet, because we are dancing in the face of it tomorrow morning. Lent is the time of the year when christians usually give up something or fast and its the 40 days before Easter starting on Ash Wednesday. tonight is the end of the epiphany as we are dancing at the face of Lent until we are consumed.i am reminded of emma .

And while we're dancing in my kitchen we should celebrate Fauschnaut Day. The story that I always heard growing up was that on Fauschnaut Day, or Fat Tuesday is the last day before lent, and all the lard needed to be used up, so they used it all to make specialized Pennsylvania Dutch doughnuts called fauschnauts.

Since i don't store a lot of lard but i store lots of blueberries i realized that it was time to get all the frozen blueberries out from Hammonton NJ and make muffins. They are really really good, come by and make a smoothie. This is my dance in the face of the never-ending winter.

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JJ Beazley said...

'Dance in the face of winter.' Nice one. I have a friend and long term correspondent who lives in Oaklyn. Do all the best people live in NJ? Power to you.chotor