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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

seed starting

I M REALLY ENJOYING THESE AQUAPONIC FILMS. I HAVE been getting price quotes today for the pilot 1,000 gallon aquaponic system in the greenhouse, mostly looking at pond and aquarium supply companies such as these. The system will utilize solar panels. The heated water will disperse the heat at a higher heat index due to the physical properties of water. It will greatly help to stabilize the temperature of the greenhouse. I really appreciate the aquaponic systems that utilize appropriate design or re-purposing into functional design conceptualization. Take a look at how these barrels are being used: Barrelponics

Check out this barrelponics project out of Kenya called Faith And Sustainable Technology F.A.S.T. with all sorts of great projects and sustainable appropriate designs working toward breaking the cycles of poverty.

The fausnauchts turned out really nice tonight, and lent begins now in less than an hour. We are going to start some of our seeds in the greenhouse tomorrow, starting with the earliest brassicas and moving onward. I like it when Easter is early like it is this year, and the 40 days marked by a moon. I learned from one of my favorite Nuns around the neighborhood all about fasting and kneeling on the rice and reconciliation, catechumenate, and passion Via de la Rosa. Oh the purple !!! It's coming...
Springtime in the greenhouse is just never the same way twice. Different every year, like the changing days of Easter being pulled by the moon. =)

It will be a luxury to have fish emulsions as being produced regularly at the greenhouse. I like the idea of growing tilapia fish so much, just because it's from the Sea of Galilee, I have even heard it called St. Peter's Fish and his feastday should have a fish fry June 29

Im really excited about so many projects that we have going in this spring. Drip line irrigation, seedlings, chicken coop, rainbarrel production, fruit tree orchard, farmer's market, the convent, rain garden natives, naturally built shed, and the aquaponic/worm composting/micro-green systems! <3

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Travis W. Hughey said...

If you want to see a real Barrel-Ponics System (I invented the system and coined the term)you may want to do a search on youtube using the term barrelponics and Barrel-Ponics. You will see some systems built by others who have downloaded the Barrel-Ponics manual free from my website at The manual describes how to build a system. Also you will find the videos don't have people using "sign language" as in this one.