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Friday, May 22, 2009

novina Friday.

We have entered now into what is called the novina. This is a nine day period continually, a continuous prayer said for nine days, asking one thing. to obtain spiritual graces. Father Louie Vitalle spoke at Sacred Heart last night and Linda Pinetta showed her pictures from the their resistant peace journey to Iran,  of forgiveness and asking. . . 

There are 4 types of Novenae--- mourning, preperation, prayer, and indulgences. A prayer could be one or more of these various types. The apostles, the virgin Mary, and the Followers of Jesus committed upon themselves to prayer in the upper room for the following days until the commencement there-of the Holy Spirit fell upon their place. 

The novina, in its most traditional sense is the nine day period between Ascension Thursday and Pentacost. 

What would you ask for nine days. . . .?

They asked after losing their leader, they asked to not become martyrs. 

I think i would ask for health and control of the wild bunny rabbit in the park. And that all of the plants that we grow would be healthy, and produce much fruit.  

The kids followed a treasure map today. It lead them to the missing ingredients for our salad today. 

They added  2 types of lettuce, strawberries, and lemon clover. . Fruit salad is so much fun. We added caramalized walnuts from the Breadoven, Cranberries, manderin oranges, apples and our own fruit salad---whipped cream, honey, and  yogurt.

This is within our celebration of the life through Easter.

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