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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ascension Thursday Strawberries.

Ascension Thursday is the day Jesus ascended back to heaven, 40 days after Easter, a day of exultation and heavenly welcoming. 

ON this day we harvest the first fruits of the strawberries from the garden. We also order the 18,000 ladybugs and the thousands of praying mantises awaiting to hatch from from their eggcases. They will be here in time for Pentecost, our own holy release.

Today is the day of integrated pest management.  The WILD rascley rabbits are alive and well in Camden. It is bittersweet. It is beautiful to see the return of wild animals, but these are eating all our vegetables!!!  except the potatoes. I ordered fox urine from the hardware store, and we are going to attach a chicken wire barrier to the bottom of the fence in the park.   Is anybody interested in coming down here and caging these rabbits?    

They look tasty.

Here is a picture of the children planting 30 brandywine heirloom tomatoes down in the park.

The kids and I walked the labyrinth again today. We made up our own game called "prayer tag." 
You are it if somebody prays for you, and you tag somebody else by praying for them. It was a really quite sincere and beautiful time, and I look forward to the prayer labyrinth more and more everyday. It massages my brain to walk take it to the center, and to return to where I started.  Its nice to walk it during 6 pm while the Sacred Heart Church bells are ringing. 

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