opening ourselves with the hinging daylight hours

Sunday, May 24, 2009


the irises have been in full bloom for a week now, and the shore bird migration is in full swing। फॉर सम रासों

i woke up in Cape May this morning, beside the bay, on a littl island north of Cape May, watching the birds and the sunrise on the wetlands. My friends from church invited me and some friends to stay at their beachhouse. It was lovely. I stared at an Oystercatcher for quite some time while sitting on a stone sea wall. Last weekend was the bird-watching world series.

I drove up to Lancaster this evening to celebrate my brother's 18th birthday. My mom gave me a garden tour of her native plants, and the edibles. The sweet william is blooming, the first of the poppies, and up here in lancaster the corn is above my ankles. It stormed real hard up here tonight, and i almost cried with the familiar scent of wet oxygen in the forest.

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Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

I remember, as we stopped near Lancaster, you inhaled deeply and said, "Smells like home!"