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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rainy Day Book Release

Novina Day 6.
The Last Tuesday in Easter:

I opened up my mailbox today, and my book came in the mail.  I was a contributing author for this book. .. .

I am very excited about "Claiming the Earth as Common Ground." Its an interfaith book of environmental justice, and it includes the stories of the Ecological Liturgy and the origins of Eve's Garden, in my chapter called "Communion Agriculture."  I met the Rabbi that runs the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network back in November in Milwaukee.  It is a beautiful book in that it combines the voices of many different religions, and the ways that our theologies call us to action, and have laid the groundwork to do so, as mandates, as liturgies, as cycles.

 I am planning on having a book reading and party to sell the book later on this summer. Buy your copy from me, otherwise I don't get any of the money. (it isn't easy being green.)

I stayed in Lancaster, to visit my family, the river, and  see the corn. The corn is just a little higher than ours. . .

Its been overcast and a little rainy all day. The rain is a perfect sabbath for the soil, and for me. Refreshed, I mark my calendar by it, when to plant, when to weed, when to catch my breath.  Perfect weather for planting ALL DAY. Acquitted from all charges.

 Transplanting seedlings is one of the most shocking processes for little plant babies, never transplant on a hot and sunny day, or your seedlings are sure to turn yellow and burn.  

Transplanted Today:

Brandywine Tomaotes
Yellow Habenero Peppers
Sweet Green Peppers
Chamomile, Cilantro, Dill
Many Watermelons
And Basil in between the tomatoes. 

We made the transition this year into all Heirloom plants, meaning we can save our seeds, following scientific procedure  for many varieties. Also,   many more varieties will "go to seed" in the garden, and the varieties when the seeds fall from the plant at the end of the life cycle.  We are developing our own varieties of tomatoes. . . 

We have cilantro and tomatillos that reseeded themselves from last year.  I can almost already taste the salsa. . ..They came up healthier and larger than the varieties we started in the greenhouse from store bought seed this year.

Everything is soaking in the rain today, the earth and my hands, drinking and gulping.  
Sowed about a gallon of marigold seeds around the tomatoes in the Emerald Street Garden today.  May is the month for Mary, she is covered in flowers in the beginning of the month, and May Day is rather like a Miss Mary Pagaent of old in many catholic school  grounds. We plant the Marigolds for her, and to deter the bunnies.

Saw my first ripened mulberry in the garden, most likely carried by a bird from the trees nearby. I am very excited to show the children the mulberries to celebrate like in years past. . .

Here's to a rainy night and a rainy morning tomorrow, I think I am going to go cuddle up with "Claiming the Earth as Common Ground."

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