opening ourselves with the hinging daylight hours

Friday, December 28, 2012

looking: Raven

Recently ive been discovering a few wild gray hairs on my head. I love them, everyone. They carry the stories, like ribbons awarded after the goodness of trial and wisdom. To my suprise i've also been seeing just about  as many of my dark brown hairs turning auburn red. Perhaps i am turning gray and red, one could only hope .

My cat named Possum went for a vision quest. he had a walkabout here at the Over the Moon Farm. My two cats, Possum and Dexter, moved up here with me in the cab of a small pick-up 2 weeks or so ago. Possum only has one eye and he is a little chubby, that is until he moved to Rebersburg. The boycats stayed inside my cottage for the first day, to be certain they were accustoming themselves in the transition. A few days later was Sunday, during the day we ventured together into the outside. I walked them around to , pointed out the lines in the fields, the hay barn, and the roof of the shop. This was to be their place to play, call home. Then I let Macha out to meet them. She's a lovely medium sized shapeshifting brown and black athletic farm dog. The catboys each took their turns determining how they felt about the canine. They found their places and sniffed the either. I stayed and played with them, and checked in on them throughout the rest of the day. That night Dexter came in, but Possum,  Possum didn't return.......

for five days possum was not with me, although i felt him with me, he was finding something. Perhaps himself, perhaps a secret tunnel, perhaps a sacred kittycat palace. He did NOT come home.

Not until the next Saturday morning at  4 AM, five days later.  Where had he been during this time.? Was he scared? What was he eating? Maybe he was stuck someplace.? I woke up early at owlinghour one morning to a vivid dream of possum's help-meow from the grasps of slumber. I walked around every day, visiting every space behind anything we could find, in the shop? in the barn? in one of the array of lovely cottages?. Nowhere, no sign of my one-eyed black chubby cat. I walked to the neighbors, to the amish family over the over the moon eastern slope. I walked with Macha and Chela (enter Chela the lovely dog of a lovely grad student travling over the holidays). We walked and then I had  sat the doggies down, and asked them to "Stay"  Chela did more perfectly, more loyally playfully listening  than any other dog did stay, good dog stay. Chela is Macha's Mopri. Ella tiene fuerza.  She is a beautiful dog. She stays at the farm sometimes, i love to have her around, and we have already had some quite wonderful adventures here together over the last few snow days.

..but, back to the story...
looking for Possum

Macha and I walked over to Nancy's (the nearest neighbor) house. I was well equipped with pleasent greetings and various  amishcultural precautions.  Turns out Nancy and her husband grew up not so far away from me in Southern Lancaster County and just down 896 to Oxford. I enjoyed meeting her it was pleasant. I introduced myself and what i am up to, and she told me about her garden,  a notable one, out front.

"So I came over to visit with you and introduce myself and let you know that I haven't seen my black  one-eyed cat for a few days, he is missing, would you mind keeping an eye out for him? He only has one eye, he is black, chubby, and he answers to the name Possum. ."

"Oh, your cat is missing? We will definately keep an eye-out, and I'll send the children looking for him."

 She has seven children I believe , "when the snow comes send your children over when they're readying to go sledding. ich mochte mitkommen"   smilessmielssmiles

es ist schon schnehen

Possum came back on his own late late late that Friday night, the night that PVCA had shown the Triple Divide , Possum scratching at the door.  To my suprise, "ITS POSSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUM." He had slimmed down a little, he looked strong and certain, he had the look in his eye of a cat who knew what he wanted in life, and had indeed just found it. We spent the next few days together boycats and lady with the Mopri doggies finding our way around the over. I said goodbye to the animals and people here, and went to be with my family in Lancaster for Christmas, Lampeter proper.  I managed to attract a University Professor Ornitholigist to my mother's backyard by a typo on ebird. tufted titmouse posted momentarily as tufted duck. .. there were more birders to be expected...

The big snow storm Euclid started coming out of Ohio sliding across the Alleghany Plateau during Christmas day, carving toward the Ridge and Valley. mi amiga buena Maria scooped me in Lancaster from Philly
 and we beat the storm to Rebersburg, literally just by minutes., to be gratefully snowed in for 2.5 days.  It was good to be back. It was good to see Lyn and Patty, it  was good to see the boycats, and it was excellent to see the mopri canines. I went over to talk with Lyn and Patty, they told me that Nancy's children had been over, the amish children. They had "'brought" 'Possum' back.'''

But Possum already was back.

This cat was petite, had two eyes, is black, and now... after tonight.... answers to Raven (double chocolate oreo)    He has has a patch of white hairs on his chest, he sits like a pirate's parakeet on my shoulder, and he is good.