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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

place and holy water

i have been living in this place a little while now, dreaming of it for much longer.

i have met many people through living here, many more here through the work that i have been doing. working for PVCA is like having a big older brother who introduces you to all his friends, leaving a legacy of what has come before you, teachers knowing your name before you walk through the door, your name has meaning, you somehow have a way in. somehow yoked with this philosophy  the mission of the "brother", his story, has become part of my story.

recently i realized that there is a pool of my thoughts of this story. piecing together snippets of information that people are passing onto me. snippets in story, projects of restoration, the energy from the ridges and the valleys, the creeks and mountain springs, my dreams of this place, and what is yet to come, pouring into a pool of my understanding of this place.

in the catholic tradition a holy person can bless and make holy water.  one drop of holy water added to a body of water makes all of the water holy water. in the pool of this place, indeed it has all become holy water.

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