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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Economic Voltage

Lately I have been reading Michael Shuman's  "Local Dollars Local Sense", and brushing up on some Herman Daly.

In this talk on local investing, "How to shift your money from Wallstreet to Mainstreet"  Shuman's theories describe the health of a local economy measured as the flow of local dollars. (im paraphrasing, the book is not with me momentarily).  He writes that as currency flows through the local economy , the quicker and more sealed it moves from local business to locally owned business, the healthier the local economy.

I like this language, and I am not sure if economists have given it a phrase, but it feels comparable to how electricians measure voltage. Economic voltage.

i amreading up on electrical theory to reimagine other measures for local economy health.

With no pressure there is no power. the continuous flow of charge. current, capacitors, oscillating, radio, frequency, herz, voltage volts, ohms, amps, parallel, series & parallel curcuits, AC/DC, and Tesla coils. mechanisms..


mkbnett said...

Wow! Great thoughts! Our minds think alike - even with the electric current metaphor!

Recently, I went to a talk by Jane McGonigal at Swarthmore. She's a game-designer who believes games can be used for social good. I recommend her most recent TED Talk (and most of the others online - as I've poured through them lately).

I mention the 'gaming' idea, because I believe the next economy will be based on a number of different Social-Gaming Platforms, where there will be several types of "money" or points in the game. Some will be "experience points," some will be dollars, some will be rewards for character-building - not unlike many Massively Multi-Player Online games today.

I recently updated a blog post on the idea and would love to hear your reflections!

andreaferich said...

that's quite interesting Matt. what sort of "unplugged" element does she encourage? don't you think the local economy should be encouraged through connections with one another and the soil in real time and food?