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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Katharine Drexel and Philip Glass

Today is the feast day of St. Katharine Drexel. Stories are often told of her over oatmeal. She is quite adored, particularly in South Jersey. It was common to hear the stories of Philadelphia's own, St. Katharine. She grow up nearby in a prominent family from Philadelphia, gave it all away for good causes to live a life dedicated to justice for all people, at the time of slave-trading and genocide, she lived toward liberation in her relationships with people who were different then her, aligned herself with the black people and the indigenous to the area. She is quite dedicated to the ways of peace.

She was only the second American born person to become a saint.

She had a deep reaching heart of passion and giving all of her wealth, found communion and unity with the sainthood of believers and always seeking toward diversity firstmost, never something to just add on at the end.

Recently I have found the blessing of diversity one of the purest blessings imaginable. I consider it a jubilee gift for me, considering im coming up on 7 years in camden. This network is really good. Community organizing really is a lot like diving, and the importance of letting go with intent. You go and believe that it is the one on one conversations that change the world, because before not too long, it has......

THis group, the Waterfront South Environmental Network is an incredible group of collaborative organizations in the Waterfront SOuth neighborhood of SOuth Camden who are concerned and acting as a think-tank and action arm for a clean and healthy environment. This is one of the wisest counsels that I have organized with, learned with, and broke with, grounded, and alive.

Additionally, there is an ever building movement in the continued inter-faith communities in the area. St. Katharine's way of peace, and the recent Sacred Heart Peace Gathering have refocused the importance of acknowledge inter-faith harmonic nodes, movements of resonation.




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