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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lent Earth Prayer

On Ash Wednesday Father Michael presented us with a lovely framework for Lenten reflection to accompany Joan Chittister's booklet that we are reading during this season, CRY JUSTICE! CRY HOPE! This is some of the music i've been listening to, hoping to make it till spring: late winter songs and more sounds

This week's section entitled "Not Wasting the Waste: Creating Environmental Sustainability" is grounded in the work of S. Ushakumari in Kerala, India. She is a dedicated horticulturalist working in community based zero-waste and job creation initiatives through sustainable food system development, working on various initiatives from policy though practice to eliminate waste, reducing, re-using, and composting, and requiring companies to change the way they design and manufacture goods so they are free from toxins.

It want to say something that is extremely important and misunderstood. Recycling has serious energy costs, consumes resources, and pollutes communities through the recycling process. Reducing, re-purposing, or 'upcycling' are far better.

Father Michael asked us to write and prepare a letter to Mother Earth to bring to the Friday Nights in Lent Series. Here is a wonderful woman's prayer to mother earth from the Sacred Heart:

Oh Dear Mother Earth!

You bring forth from the depth of your being all living things. You regenerate them each day by the power of your winds and the power of your rains. As the night is followed by the day, you enrich our lives with rays of warmth and coolness of twilight. You reach deep within your spirit to provide a bountiful harvest--food and drink that sustain all life. You control the weather patterns entwining sunny days with stormy nights. The clothes that we wear, the homes that give us shelter, and the medicines that make us whole, all come from your seemingly endless resources of love. And in the end, when our immortal souls depart our bodies by blessed demand, our mortal remains find rest in you, thus proving that what is given away by you in life will be what is totally and completely returned to you in death.

And so let us come together in prayer and thanksgiving to be reminded of your delicate benevolence to us. Let us promise that we shall engage ourselves in the messages of the Gospel which speak of peace, justice and a true stewardship of the Earth and of all your wondrous resources. May we always walk with you in a sincere balance of peace and harmony, Oh Dear Mother Earth!

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