opening ourselves with the hinging daylight hours

Thursday, June 11, 2009

lightening and day lillies.

I have never felt such allpowerful thunder than what passed through my house on Tuesday. Thunder that shook and shook the Delaware River rolling right down. It felt more likebeing punched. Hit in the chest.
The thunder cracked and looked like it exploded, in front of your face. Many trees were tore up out of the ground.   The security guard over at Camden High describes the lightening as flashbacks to Vietnam. We let the storm purify us and we sat in 

candlelight in the rectory chapel after the storm had passed for morning mass. THey waited out the storm before sitting down, as did I.   It was thunderous, and it wripped through me, shivers of peace and fear, strength and cleansing. My arms have  let go. As in letting go. I stood in the doorway and the sacrament of silence and shock and awe, i did what i could and read Thomas Berry.     

I was given my first Thomas Berry on June 1st. On the second I learned that he had died.  


This is an image of aphids eating. Aphids are bad. They literally suck the life out of your plants.
They often cluster, and are often associated with ant populations.  Ladybugs eat them, and so do the praying mantises.  Like all insects, the aphid has six legs

We have a new hill of wild flowers here in Waterfront SOuth. 

The first day lillies bloomed today.  


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