opening ourselves with the hinging daylight hours

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ladybug Release Party.

A Rectory is where the Priest lives. Ours is large and stone with wysteria hanging over most of one side. Their are 3 ladies that work full-time in the rectory, and what must be hundreds of lady volunteers, with a core group of about a dozen that are very frequently found within Father Michael's home. 

The rectory calls  close to lunch time today. . (endearingly). ."Andrea, hello. You have a package that just arrived. There are breathing holes on the side...... There is a box with a living creature  in your mailbox here at the rectory."

THe ladybugs have arrived. TODAY WILL BE OUR LADYBUG release party.  

"Andrea, is that something you are expecting?" 

"YES. Yes it is, its the ladybugs!!"

Father Michael loves to seethe  ladybugs coming for the garden. They are our blessing. 

Ladybugs are holy, only ever being that in which they were intentioned.

All the children, and the adults in this picture below, and many more together, we blessed the ladybugs as we released them. . . 
like a shake from the fruits of the spirit, the ladybugs poured out of our hands and into the world to bring goodness in the garden. 

 We made a playlist of songs to play to party  as we released them and their garden blessing.

I love to hear those words. THee ladybeetles/ladybugs had arrived. We ordered 18,000 of the native local kinds, of these predatory insects. Father Michael and I had anticipated their arrival. We sat during lent as we sat at the breakfast table with my newly arrived BENEFICIAL INSECT catalogue.

 Ladybugs are technically Beetles-- their wings meet in a straight line down the center of their thorax.  Have you ever stared a ladybug down straight in the eye? They are fierce, but they won't hurt you. THey help you, ladybugs eat your aphids.  Aphids eat your plants. Aphids suck all the life fluid out of the plants.  Here you can see aphids on dill.
Aphids are often associated with ants . Very often where you see trails of ants, fairly shortly after you will see aphids. Aphid egg get stuck to the ants' legs, the ants are the aphids destructive transport.

THe ladybugs came during Pentecost this year, in the fullness of the season between Corpus Christi and Sacred Heart Sundays. 

The potatoes are still growing. . . . . 
 and the broccoli is so so so so yummy. 

It started to rain today as we opened the box full of ladybugs. The directions indicated that you should gently sprinkle your garden as you opened the container, it will help the ladybugs stay. They will stay in the garden, and they will stay and eat and feast in the greenhouse.