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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sophie hazelnut brandywine.

PLanted our tomatoes outside today.  

Today on the Feast Day of Saint Julian of Norwich, "As Truly as God is our Father, so truly is God our Mother. Our Father wills, Our Mother Brings to action, our Lord the Holy Spirit Confirms."

I got a new kitten today, from a neighbor. I had told her it was a little too soon since my cat had died, but once I saw that little bundle of brilliance and cuddle I wanted to have 






She was named after the devine wisdom of Julain of Norwich and heirloom tomato planting------Sophie Hazelnut Brandywine.

i love her.     many many more tomatoes going into the ground this week. With each tomato we dig a 2 foot hole, partially fill with compost, and fish emulsions, plant the tomato, fill in with compost, and then spread wood chips or straw between the row to hold in moisture, hold down the weeds, and build the soil.  Top it off by planting a basil plant and a few marigolds around the tomatoes, all with a hot shot of bunny tea. 

So great. Going to get back to my kitten. Much love. 

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