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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Big news for the day is Sophie is actually a boy. Yeah. That's what the vet said. So its no longer Sophie, its  Dexter, short for Dexterity. I love Dexter.

And i think everybody else also loves Dexter. We had a good giggle with the vet about the possibility of Dexter struggling with his gender identity. His coloring is called "tuxedo."

Today at the garden we planted about 30 cherry tomato plants today Fox Cherry and Reisentraube.  They are very well marked and mapped for seed saving purposes. We will intercrop the marigolds around them this Sunday with the children's liturgy at Sacred Heart. The kids are getting the hang of adding the liquid fertilizer (seaweed emulsions) with the dry fertilizer (bunny poo, re-used potting mix, and our compost) in the deep holes that we dig for the tomatoes.   Its tooo much fun.  We planted the cherry tomatoes right beside the sidewalk, because we want people to reach through the fence on their walk to school, on their way home from work, and just pop a cherry tomato in their mouth. Doesn't that sound good  to you? We also planted about 40 cucumber plants. I love seeing the kids faces when we tell them that pickles come from cucumbers. . . .   . . .    .      .      .     .  . . ....!!!!

It makes me want to walk past the garden.   Cherry tomatoes for everybody. Today is the Feast Day of St. Michael Garicoits. He grew up  in a very poor family and was hired out as a shepherd boy to a farmer. He desired to be priest, but his family insisted that they were too poor.  His grandmother talked the matter over with the parish priest and she helped to work a deal for him. He earned his stay at college when the day came. He worked after school hours for the clergy and in the bishop's kitchen. 

Cherry Tomatoes for everybody.

We have a new restaurant in our neighborhood. Its the first time in almost 6 years of living in Camden that I have been able to walk from my house to sit down in a restaurant and order a dinner and a drink.   The place is called SOPHIE's Tavern.       Tonight i ordered soul food and a Guiness. My friends showed up and I didn't even invite them. . . . .!!!!  so good for my soul.

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katharine said...

Oh he is super cute....I can't wait to visit and have him scare the living day lights out of me with his kitty spirit.