opening ourselves with the hinging daylight hours

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

happy birthday sun.

Today is the Birkat Hachama, one of the rarest and most unique events in the Jewish cycle, the blessing of the sun. Throughout holy texts the sun symbolizes the oneness and the life sustaining divine that fills our sky. The Jews celebrate the vernal equinox today in the node of the solar and lunar calendar harmonies. Today Jewish people praise God for creation. THe point from which everything was created.

This event only happens once every 28 years, the cyclical structure that humanity depends upon and we find ourselves within was created today. I have much to learn in terms of Jewish months and calendar calculations, but for now I am leaving a lot of room for the moving of the mystics. Every 28 days the Jewish people pay homage to the full moon that faces the sun fully. And every 28 years we pay full homage to the sun that faces the expanses fully. Blessed are you oh Creator of the Universe who works the act of creation. We have moved into the next cycle.

I sat around a fire with some friends at the beginning of Birkat Hachama, as we celebrated the return of our friend Justin to us. THis morning I rose at 6 AM to walk out to the highest point in our neighborhood that faces east. I walked and met my friends Cassie, Susan, and Frankii. We stood and waited for the sun to rise from behind the horizon out through the clouds rising in the sky less SOuthern than yesterday, above the steeple of Sacred Heart Church. We read selections from the Psalms and our sun salutations. The Rabbi's told in their utube instructions that we were to bless the sun before 9 AM, and we were to stand reverently and wait until the sun was revealed, coming out from behind the clouds. The sky was 82% cloudcover this morning and as the day's returning rays peeked threw the crack of cumio-strati, I peeked at the Solar stripteasing, shrouded and unveiling. We never saw the full heavenly body at once, it makes me warm thinking about it, i want to dance.

My friend Robin is a stunning Jewish woman of Justice and tradition who recently became a grandmother (picture Bob Dylan's really friendly younger sister). Her lil grandbaby was just born a month ago, and the babe will be just a few months younger than I am now during the time of the next Birkat Hachama in 2036. Another friend of Robin's was pregnant yesterday and the baby was in breech position. The doctor wanted to helped turn the baby around, which often induces labor, as the baby can see the light. Robin felt great peace to tell her friend reassuringly that a baby born today would carry the energy of the creation of the sun, the creative life force of rhythmic hydrocarbons. It is the birthday of the sun. Last night as the Birkat Hachama, the blessing of the sun, began the day was transitioning from the birthday of one great friend to the birthday of another, two women of justice and the earth, healing and rhythms ( & L.agnew). And if my math is correct another stunning woman in my life was concieved during the last Birkat Hachama, bringing her to 27.35 years of age currently (K.dougherty).

Remember when the Phillies won the world series this year? Remember how everybody wore red, or thought of baseball, or went to the game, went out to watch the game, had people over, or avoided the city all together because of the game? The city shut down when they won, and then subsequently multiple times after that. It was all we could read about from every news source in our mainstream cosmos. Remember how it felt so long since the Phillies, or Philadelphia for that matter had won any sort of championship? It was long ago, it was 28 years ago, and now we are returning champions. I am imagining Birkat Hachama taking over Broad Street, the masses covered in oranges, yellows, and siennas, wearing sunglasses, children on the shoulders of their parents, hipsters/reporters climbing the traffic signals, professionals hanging out their office windows, and confetti, confetti everywhere, looking to catch a glimpse of the sun.

Mix all that up with some Mayan building and shadow alignments, Quetzacotal, and the smoothly moving interlocking cyclical circle circum-ending the mayan calendar. ( note to self: newly renewed Sovereign Visa Checking Card expires in 1/2013)

we will celebrate the sedar dinner tonight at sacred heart, i will serve the lamb. My 28 year old hands will carry the sacrafice that liberates us all out of Egypt, liberates us all out the cycles of poverty and injustice. The bitter herbs have raised out of the earth, the parsley survived the winter, and i am greatful that you, my friend, are always welcome to this table. Here's to the warming sun, and the grace that fills our glasses, that indeed there is nothing that we can do but open ourselves to the number of daylight hours.


Anonymous said...

Elijah is my friend too

Nomadic Farmer said...

We incorporated this into our morning liturgy, because of the video link froom your gmail. thanks :)