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Monday, December 3, 2012

a dowse of that

today i arrived to my new home in Brush Valley, with my two cats, to a cottage 16'x15' on the side of the farm house here at Over the Moon Farm. There is a loft by the one entrance, and that is where i now write.

Brush Valley has a thick silence, with no traffic lights, just a few barn lights in the distance. The farmers here at Over the Moon Farm raise pastured cattle, pigs, turkey, and chickens on the grass. They work the 26 acres and there are many sacred places, seats for contemplation under more stars than one could count. Even when it is overcast, like tonight, the stars shine through the clouds, and one can see the milkey way's reflection through the light cloud cover. the valley opens wider to the east, and feels like the sea, as the ridge is flat, yet curves like the horizon bends.

Lyn recently started to consider putting an additional well in on the property, and started talking with a neighbor about the prospect. He recommened a particular dowser, a man who performs the ancient art of finding water. He walked the property and found many underground springs, determing depth and gallon flow per minute. The stick, or divining rod as it is commonly called, can actually be asked any question. He turned around in a circle and as he turned the rod nodded fiercely. They walked to the site at which point the rod shot straight up then straight down into the ground, when asked "where is the water?". He did it over and again finding many springs on the property. He then demonstrated how the rod worked by closing his eyes and this time asked the rod "where is the cat?" turning in a slow circle with his eyes closed the rod shot up in the air in the direction of the cat further away in the field. He closed his eyes sometime later with the cat running through the field, turning in a circle the rod pointed to the cat again.

This man is called A DOWSER. The dowser is often brought onto a site to find water, minerals, graves, and basically anything you ask it. Appearently it can be any stick, any old stick works. I like to imagine the treasure hunters cashing in their metal decators at the shore for divining rods. What shall i ask ?

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