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Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring exlposions

Spring has been breathtakingly beautiful for me this year. The kids and i are having a lot of fun in the gardens together, and there is certainly an abundance in the level of creative energy in the neighborhood. Seeds flying everywhere from our fingertips, an abandoned Firehouse is being transformed into a community arts center, with a printing press awaiting .
Today is the last day in March, cool and wet, like it's supposed to be.

the tomato starts are about three inches tall, surrounded within a greenhouse that is expecting, reflecting and refracting the traveling light.

We are nearly finished with the closed-loop aquaponic tilapia system, and we are getting about five eggs a day from the chickens. The Center For Environmental Transformation has a new website up, of which I helped to design and maintain. The Center is now a completed 24 bedroom retreat center focused on Environmental Justice. We've hosted 6 groups so far this year, with a few coming up this weekend. You can read the lovely reflection from a feisty store-telling history teacher of her time with us.

I've been doing a lot of film-making a vision casting this winter. Here's the piece that I completed from my time in Vietnam of the farmers and the fishermen.

..and here is an exerpt from the anthology that i wrote for this winter focused on ecojustice from the perspective of the land from within the Biblical narrative. This is an exciting project edited by Laurel Dykstra and Ched Myers. Here is a glimpse of the narrative of the land in captivity:

(to be continued....)

......more yet to come

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Anonymous said...

I love the narrative! can't wait to hear more!