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Monday, January 10, 2011

2 kings and a queen

I have left on a journey with my dad and brother. We traveled to Vietnam on Jan. 6th on the Feast of the Three Kings. I write from this land now, on a journey for peace.

I have seen much about the interconnectivity of land and people, particularly the violence and the healing. Monsanto made the Agent Orange, monsanto makes the round-up. My father was here 45 years ago as a solider drafted out of high school, fighting in a war "we didn't have any business fighting." I carry Nick Virgilio the Haiku poet of Camden who lost his brother in the war. I carry the Vietnamese of Camden who I know and love so much more. I carry the memories of Tim Reichart, my father's best friend who died when I was a young kid from cancer caused by the agent orange. And now I carry and lay down the sorrow of the people and the land here and everywhere.

I am in the mountaintown of Dalat, cool like May, the air filled with brassicas, strawberries, and incense. We rode on motorbikes yesterday to the flower farms that cover the countryside the flowers of love grown for the world. my arms reach around to where my heart is planted in the gardens of camden.

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Beautiful - so good to read this blog!