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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Afghans For Peace: All people for Peace: Friends without Borders: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Equinox Dec. 21

Very very early on Tuesday morning the moon is full in the sky, it is also the highest it is in the sky until 2020. On this winter solstice while the moon is full, it will also be eclipsing.

The moon is a great source of healing power and love. Before my 19 year old brother left with the USAF a month ago I told him to look at the moon and know that it is the same moon I am looking it. It was hard for me when he entered because I don't agree with the war-making machine and the way the miliary markets itself.

and then there is the economy that has fallen apart here, dropping our bombs there, and killing our brothers everywhere.

To the Afghan Youth that I spoke with today, thank you. thank YOU. I was thinking it would be interesting to do a video exchange about making kites or farming. I have a kite that I love to fly too.

The same moon that you see at night is the moon that we see here.

And to Farah, thank you for meeting with the young men and telling their stories.

my Dear friends in Afghanistan we look forward to hearing more of your vision. these are the wise young men I spoke with today:

I showed you one of our chickens.

You are wise and know the land
and hold the strength of the mountains
in your eyes and hearts.

We remember you with the moon.

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