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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Saving Seeds like Memories

Heirloom Basil, Marigolds, and Tomatillos for seed saving.

My neighbor with the Rosary he found at the neighborhood thriftstore.

My neighbor Eddy with the Praying Mantis egg case he found in the garden.

A praying mantis baby from earlier this spring.
From December 4th
Today a few of us gathered to work together in the garden to ready it for winter and to save the seeds of the last of the tomatillos, fennel, basil, and the marigolds. There was a thin layer of ice in my bucket this morning, the hard frost has hit.

We use heirloom seeds, these are seeds that you can save. By definition an heirloom seed is one that has existed prior to 1950 and has never been genetically engineered. We grow heirloom seedlings as an act of Peace Making and out of the preservation and sanctity of life.

While we were harvesting the marigolds my friend Eddie found a praying mantis egg case.

Today is my Grandmother's birthday.

She passed away this past October.

On Oct. 12 this year I awoke at Assateague Island by myself beside the sea. I walked to the east and filmed the sun rising . It was holy.

I went back to my campfire and thought about my Grandmother, and realized it was important to see her. As I was thinking about her I pulled a muscle in my back, and knew that I must go to her.

I made it to Lancaster and watched her breathing and comforted her. I showed her the film of the sun rising over the sea that morning, and my sketches and poetry . She passed during the night.

Here is that most beautiful sunrise. I remember my Grandmother as an heirloom, as a seed we save.

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Vincent said...

A very beautiful tribute to a very beautiful woman.

Her light now illumines another dawn.