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Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Souls and Saints Grandmother

One might be suprised to hear that Camden NJ is the place to find the rhythms of Mother Church and Mother Earth as interlocking. But for those of you who have come to visit our greenhouse and gardens you will find our curbside theology unifying , a grounded synthesis in an ecological liturgy.

During the Autumn when the corn stalk heads are bowed so our own as we remember the Souls and the Saints on our Feast Days in the beginning of November, coming together again in re-membering the dead of our communities, re-membering with the litany of Saints our inheritence of justice and the wisdom of the beatitudes. Yes we are .

The first frost of the year for most of us in the temperate northern hemisphere happens right around this time. The ground becomes hard, it doesn't move. It's these last couple of days to do the perennial planting , to harvest the last of those green tomatoes off the vines, and to bring the plants inside. Our chickens will slow in their egg laying productivity, it is now dark as we leave for school , work, and morning mass, we wear hats on heads, and begin a cycle of meloncholy internal reflection.

it's also time to plant your garlic
My Grandmother passed away this October 13. As the leaves fell from the trees in the glory of the harvest as the grapes of summertime breathe oxygen and begin to ferment, and the rye rises and the yeast from air comes into our communion table, as the veil between the summer and the winter, the living and the dead, my grandmother's freedom was found in eternity and glory.
As the church remembers we also remember in the garden. The marigold seed heads have died and withered away, and from within that shell of die is stored dozens of seeds for next year.

The earth awaits in eager expectation for the Sons and Daughters of God to be revealed. Saint Francis' day on October 4th is the peak of the fall bird migration. Moving across the sky like the sun more southern with the approaching winter. We plant our Garlic to be frozen over the winter.
As a squirel gathering nuts so too can those who have died be gathered together as the harvest of creation.

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