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Thursday, April 1, 2010

in the Garden Gethsemane

The Seder Dinner that we celebrate at Sacred Heart is full of ritual, full of remembering, stretching into springtime, the longer daylight hours, our liberation from the frozen earth, the cold grasps of captivity.

The entire month of November the church practices remembering. And again during this passover dinner we remember our liberation. We are liberated into the fullness of the moon after the spring equinox. We remember ourselves with all of those that we belong to that have gone before us. As we were all members of the same creation so we are all brought back together in this vernal paschal pool.

We are remembered.

We remember the great liberation, and the pain of the plagues, and the desert wonderings of 400 years. The Passover the doorways, and the great mourning that filled the night air. For the sorrow that fills the land we pour out of our cups, just we toast this great liberation.
There are bitter herbs in our garden to be harvested, parsley and green scallions.

And for the song of Miriam and Moses, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH FOR US

For the brick and the morter that breaks our backs the fleeing before the yeast has time to rise.


Sat and broke bread, shared cup. broken lamb.
From the Seder Dinner to the Maundy Thursday veneration of the sacraments and the moving of the tabernacle candles carried through the garden we walk into Gethsemane.

(where charity and love are, there is God)

Paschal Blessing of the Water

L-rd our G-d,
this night your people keep prayerful vigil.
Be with us as we recall the wonder of our creation
and the greater wonder of our redemption.
Bless this water:it makes the seed to grow,
it refreshes us and makes us clean.
You have made of it a servant of your loving kindness:
Through water you set your people free,
and quenched their thirst in the desert.
With water, made holy by Christ in the Jordan,
you made sinful nature new in the bath that gives rebirth.
Let this water remind us of our baptism;
let us share the joys of our sisters and brothers who are baptized this Easter.
We ask this through Christ our L-rd.

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