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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

soil turning fire

Here's the pick-up from today's trip to Berlin Agway for this year's potatoes and onion sets:
seed potato: 25 lb Yukon Gold
31 lb Pontiac Red
15 lb Kennebec
onion sets: 1.3 lb yellow onion, 2.2 lb red onion, 1.9 red onion

The soil of the earth is under my nails, we've been turning it the last couple of warm days. Sunny and in the '50s. I can't stop wanting to keep digging. We're getting the beds ready for the 6th annual St. Patrick's Day Potato Planting Party here at eve's garden in south camden. We have had some help. The people have come and gathered together to turn the earth that will be productive, multiplying in an abundant economy of earth's wild reproduction. We've also been burying the drip tape irrigation system in the garden beds. Dexter the wonder garden cat has taken care of all rabbit and other rodent possibilities. He loves walking down to the garden with the rest of the farmer family, he just follows us.

The warm sun on my body is quite welcome, after the long long winter. We've been planting and transplanting brassicas, herbs, lettuce, swiss chard, and the new zealand spinach. We had some musicians over tonight playing some bluegrass around the breadoven fire. The farmer has is staying here this summer brought along her banjo, guitar, and mandolin, and fiddle. PLease come make some music with us in our fields.

my body feels the turned earth, in my legs, and in my lips. My fingers feel different now touching this keyboard, my skin with earth stain tips.

now as i wait for this fire to die down i am planning our st. patrick's day gathering. in the silence of the cool march night i hear a ship from the river blowing its horn, into the darkness.

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