opening ourselves with the hinging daylight hours

Thursday, February 25, 2010


In case you haven't seen me around too much, it's because i've been getting ready for the coming sun, the changing number of increasing daylight hours, with the soon and coming forsythia flowers. the changing is really coming into the springtime as we approach March this week. I have found myself at the turning point when i am now enjoying burying myself in the wet soil springtime seed starting mode. I really love this time, when gardeners all over climatic zone 6B start wondering if the snow will ever stop?? All these answers and more to be found at:

HealthyCamden HEIRLOOM GARDENING (curriculum blog)

Well, it's springtime in the greenhouse and since the spiral bound published garden curriculums came in the mail today, i decided it was time to transition into the garden curriculum blog, for the next few seasons. This blog will continue on, documenting with a slightly more visceral shade to things....

This blog, however, will continue to parallel the garden curriculum blog, as it's equal reciprical.

This blog is more of the creative process (mmooohoohaha).

I guess it's official. It's Camden springtime. Now we can listen to this:

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