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Friday, January 29, 2010

Howard ZInn passes

Howard Zinn is possibly the most infuential historian in modern society. I know his books have directly taught me the underlying currents of tin, oil, and rubber.

Zinn's economic critique aligned itself rather well within Liberation Theologies. He was an activist and descaling peacemaker. Zinn defended Father Michael and the rest of the Camden 28 when they were arrested and put on trial to face charges of conspiracy for breaking into the draft board during the Vietnam War.

Father Michael Doyle and Howard Zinn testified together in court, alongside with many others. Their spirit of peace and fierce knowledge and compassionate pleas laid the way for a rare acquittal.

Thanks Howard Zinn for everything that you have taught me and all the acts of peacemaking and liberating intellect you have passed on to us.

Thank you in particular for this amazing 2 Act Play about Emma Goldman!!!

<3 href="">Howard Zinn Tribute on Democracy Now with recent interview

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