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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Seed Order and Garden Curriculum

Its that time of the year !!!! Gather up all of your seed catalogues that have been coming in the mail the last couple of weeks and sit down with your neighbors and friends to decide what you want to grow this year.

Most seed companies will give out free catalogues from their site. My favorites include Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Creek, and Vermont Bean.

Here you can see the seed order for our greenhouse last year. All heirlooms:

This is one of three websites that I have been developing over this past year in a Garden Curriculum Toolkit focused on middle school and high school students.

This material including an 80 page handbook, 6 garden videos, a soil testing kit, and an array of materials will be ready in the January in a portable waterproof briefcase. There are all sorts of wonderful links at check it out.

Additionally all of these materials will be available on a USB flashdrive.

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Nomadic Farmer said...

Oh what fun! I've only gotten two seed catalogs so far, and I'm still witing on Johnny's. Harvested some Kale for dinner tonight which is probably the last thing I'll get from my current garden. We're moving in a couple weeks to a totally new location. A lot more growing space, which I'm excited about. You should come visit next year, I'd love to show you around Detroit!