opening ourselves with the hinging daylight hours

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

hold it (Christmas birth)

its like being born again. yes, the 2' of snow, the scent of Christmas, and having driven across the country.

One thing's for sure; snowfall is unpredictable. You can't always take the southern route, and sometimes its the only road left.

Advent begins in a journey. Mary and her new family didn't just sit down, they got themselves there. by their own two feet, and a donkey. they walked through hundreds of miles. and although i have never been pregnant i can understand the deepest discomforts. just holding on hiking out of the A.T. in the final stages of anaphylaxis.

Oh Mary. Hold on, darling. you will sooon be there. even though you don't know where there is, THERE is a baby coming.

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