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Friday, August 21, 2009

Pastelon Recipe

Today's recipe brought to you by our neighbor Ivette, and her mother from Puerto Rico.

Fry 3 lb of beef/turkey/ or chicken

Mince onion, garlic, and pepper (from your garden)

Cut the peppers into tiny cubes
Sautee garlic with your meat
When the meat is thoroughly cooked add the peppers ad onions

Horizontally cut yellow plantains

Season beef with Complete Seasoning, Adobo, or Saizon

Cook slices of plantains in hot oil

When beef is nearly cooked add 3 spoonfuls of olives

IN a large skillet place the cooked 
plantains to cover the bottom

Pour 3 beaten eggs over the plantains

Layer the beef onto the plantains

Add another layer of cooked plantains on the top

Pour 3 more beaten eggs over the top

Cook on very low heat

INvite all your neighbors over for garden fresh dinner!

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