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Friday, August 14, 2009

THe anticipation of Marigolds Maxamillion

It might seem funny to you, or out of place, or odd, but I have become intimate with over one thousand orange, yellow, red marigold heads growing out in my backyard at the greenhouse. These plants were planted as seeds in the greenhouse on the annunciation. These were seeds that we had saved, seeds that were blessed and saved in 5 gallon buckets from the immaculate conception.  I walk with a pair of scissors and cut back the heads to time their explosion with tomorrow, feast day most holy.

The Junior Farmers and I cut the heads back hard, to produce many heads, with many seeds. Our marigolds grow big. Then the middle of July comes and I start planning again, planning the timing so when this weekend comes, the time of the assumption, the streets and the pews will overflow in the brilliance of Mary's GOLD>----------------------------

The women of Sacred Heart will gather tomorrow, and meet as priestesses of the earth and the goodness of being ordained with all of creation.

I signed a memorandum of agreement,with the Camden Center For Transformation. They have offered me to become their Director For Sustainability Initiatives, in collaboration with Eve's Garden and the programs I run at the Greenhouse (to be me a director with Health Insurance) and to expand as a model for sustainable development, engaging environmental justice and food systems. Pretty sweet

Find your own center for transformation in a handful of seeds or wheat.    xoxox

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