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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

eve's mission

Eve's Garden and Greenhouse 

 Eve's Garden and Greenhouse is a  working farm, and creative model of urban ecosystem renewal, building social capital through sustainable economic development and ecosystem renewal. Eve's Garden transforms problems into resources, creating products and services from the waste stream, a spiritual and economic art of resurrection.

Eve's Garden and Greenhouse is centered around creative thinking and action  with sound scientific methods, within a village and agricultural region. This village context empowers the residents to execute their own community food assessment. Eve's Garden focuses on the culture of sustainability affecting lifestyle choices, while increasing food accessibility through our various sustainability initiatives.
 The ethics of sustainability are taught through childhood development, nutrition education, and  job training at our greenhouse. The greenhouse focuses on heirloom vegetable seedlingand  native plant propagation. From seed to seed and culinary classes incorporate a three-fold  model of sustainable development.  Our redevelopment living within the consequences of globalization on ecological, economic, and social systems  must be grounded within the transformation healthy people, places, and profit.  

These three components are completely interconnected, and completely succinct. Each is understood through the lens of loving our neighbors:

Ecological-- healthy riversheds, and airsheds, restoration of the land through native and heirloom plants 
Economic--green collar jobs, re-imagining and practices of reclaiming waste materials and local living economies
Social--education, capacities increases, healthy habits

Ecological and societal equities are measured within a "capacities approach." Eve's Garden and Greenhouse utilizes alternate indicators in defining progress. This alternative model to the Gross Domestic Product assumes we live in a finite world. 

The intersection of these three entities occurs through our agricultural practices, our food systems. Agriculture, as a spiritual indicator is our communion with the land, each other and the rest of creation.

Waterfront SOuth was once river-farm land that was paved over, made prostitute, marginalized. The military-based economic system has collapsed.   This land has been bombed on by our own corporate miscalculated greed, mined from the giving nature of the earth and the rivers, our bodies.

Eve's Garden builds social equity through green-collar jobs. 

Come and visit the Camden Center For Transformation to learn more about Eve's Garden.

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