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Friday, June 5, 2009


I told the children today that Cheryl's waterbroke. I was awakened throughout the night, by my kitten, and here now so had Cheryl. My new kitten Dexter was running checkin out his new trottting kick-flips.  I imagine Cheryl and Timothy's baby gentlly kicking her as it began to move more downward.  

The whole neighborhood wanted to hear!! All were so excited to hear all about it. And I told Elizabeth and Samual, our neighbors from Uganda,  that The baby was coming, excitedly i told the whole village.  I told some phenomenal art teachers, and Julian saw it on facebook*.

Father Michael said that it has been a whole long time since a community expected a baby like this. . . .
He told me about when his sister Phyllis was born, his father rode his bicycle to town after his wife's water had broke.  On the lane to town, he stopped in at the next house next door, at the Mulligans,  with their farms connected. Pat's Mulligan's mother would go up to stay with FM's mother as she was in labor with Phyllis. By the time FM's father returned from town with the midwives, Phyllis had been born, and that's why she always loved Mrs. Mulligan. She was the first to meet her. 

Cheryl and Timothy were so at peace, and they were gently readying themselves for the baby's arrival. But as they say, its good to go for a walk.

I teased Cheryl and told her the tomatoes were alll staked in the Emerald Street Garden and the tomatoes were staked before she had her baby.
Cheryl made a joke about going out and staking her own tomatoes in her backyard. If it weren't raining, they might have,. . . .        I can't wait to meet this Pentacostal Babe. 

full of love and crazy, and waiting. her contractions are getting closer. and timothy, he is a wonderful partner. wonderful wonderful. 
Also I can't wait to show you pictures of the staked tomatoes!!!!!

if it werern't raining i would be riding with my friends Joel and Kate, in their sculpture through Old City and Kensington.   Their sculpture was awarded "The People's Choice Awards" at the Kenetic Kensington Sculpture Derby.  It is a race through a course on sculptured bicycles. 

On rain delay till next month's first Friday:  Team Zombish. 

Its nice to sit in and be still with the child that i am opening myself to, coming into the world. This is Camden's Peace Child.   There's something rather heirloom about it all.  Here comes both a great union within the Mennonite families and traditions, within the context of great justice in a city that has anticipated this birth as a full community.    Timothy and Cheryl were married during the Pentacost 2 years ago, and this baby came through the world, rather immaculately, coming gracefully and so tenderly during the same time of Pentacost. This child was born the week that Father Michael celebrated within the anniversary of 50 years of Priesthood. 

Peace Park was dedicated. The surrrounding corners have announced the joyful rejoicing of  transformation with Peace Park on one corner:

And the labyrinth on the other:

Both have been watered abundantly since WEDNESDAY at 4 pm.

This child is birthing into a different world than if he would have been born 3 years ago. The child is strong. 

Estephanie told everybody-- Marco, Joanna, and Lenny that Miss Cheryl was having her baby at home!    I told them that her water had broke and they wanted me to call her and ask if she was pushing yet!   "MISS CHERYL's having HER BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We called her, but she didn't answer. 

She called back in a few minutes, and told us she drank a castor oil milkshake at the midwives . . . 

  yeah.     baby ride the wave.

 update:   9 :21 PM    -------    cheryl is experiencing the force of the sea peacefully rages through her body.. . ..   (they say it hurts a lot without any medicine).  

She can do it. She studied all her peaceful breathing techniques, and I gardened with Cheryl right up till Wednesday. The moon is pushing and pulling for her too.    Sunday evening full moon, we'll have the babe.

p.s. Thanks for the advice Nicole! I passed the B&W ideas to Timothy along with my underwater video camera

yeah!!!!!!!!   BABY and HEARTS and HANDS festival tomorrow from 12-5 PM along Jasper Street. 

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