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Saturday, May 16, 2009

St. labyrinth day

I came  down the street toward the post office at 8 AM and saw John Fox, the man that built the breadoven and about 6 workers waiting for the tractor trailer flatbed to come down the street with 345 hay bales.        We       were     building     a       labyrinth.   

The hay arrived as I was walking home to grab my videocamera. The holy hay came down BROADWAY  like a liturgical procession itself.  Coming NOrth past Sacred Heart to be shaped two blocks away at Broadway and Carl Miller. We unloaded the bales like degrees in a circle, like days in a year, minus a few.

We worked very hard all morning, moving the hay bales and then bucketing about 12 cubic yards of topsoil onto the top of the labyrinth.  

People in almost every society have their own version of an intentional prayer walk of contemplation. This is ours connected with centuries of labyrinths over continents of design. Our's is a traditional 7 circuit labyrinth. People of all shapes, sizes, and colors together created this labyrinth in Waterfront South today. 

This is our shape the same walk as many people. This is our prayer. 

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