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Friday, May 29, 2009

garden shakes.

We made garden shakes today.

We harvested mulberries, strawberries, and kale from the garden. Yes, kids, kale. I love tricking them into drinking vitamins in their tasty tasty milkshakes. I pointed out to the kids one of the sure signs that the mulberries are harvestable. -----purple bird poop.

Also, the praying mantis egg cases came in the mail today. We took them and locked them away in an aquarium until they hatch. I love that they came during the "Novina." The 9 days of prayer before Pentecost. Each of the 5 cases contains up to 1,000 little praying mantises. These are beneficial insects. I told Marco that organic farmers don't spray chemicals, they grow Praying Mantises. Father Michael asked to foot the bill for the mantises and the ladybugs this year. . . 

I learned so much today after talking with Sister Rosemarie about the interconnectivity of soil and saints. She was so excited to tall me all about the origins of rogation days, ember days, and the Rosary. I have quite of bit of research to continue to do about these days, but basically these holy days were embedded into the liturgical calendar because the farmers needed to plant and harvest.     


cassie haw said...

i love you... and the work you do! i can't wait for you to bring the kids over to meet the chickens, get some eggs and make quiche with spinach (or something). :)

andreaferich said...

yeah!!! i can't wait to meet your chickens. are they here in Waterfront South already??