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Thursday, May 7, 2009

bunny poop catchment system

Today we made a bunny poop catchment system. Turns out its one of the healthiest fertilizers for your garden, and we have plenty of it. We hung a glorified drop-cloth beneath the bunny hutch, and we have one rain barrel in stock for turning into a "bunny compost tea" system. The kids are very excited about this. 

I love the rain. It has been basically raining since Sunday morning. You will never hear me complain about the rain, unless it should be snowing. 

We have been planting out so many seedlings into the park garden. We have a cilantro forest, and the tomatillos from last year also reseeded themselves rather hardily. We have successfully established a great portion of our cilantro ingredients as perennials.  We transplanted our first cucumbers today. Only 11 days till the last anticipated frost.

We spread some straw from last year around the brussel sprouts to reduce weeds and  help retain moisture.  We have also planted 100's of vining perennial New Zealand spinach plants, the spinach that grows all summer and comes back next year all around the garden. New Zealand Spinach is a living, succulant, nutricious, mulch.  Mwah.    Its my miracle plant. 

Its been raining a lot lately, and my driver's side window has been stuck in the down position. Also due to the rain when I went to move a U-Haul truck the other day the latch had been opened, and as i lifted it up there was a homeless man inside. Kinda scary.  This is a lot to contemplate as we garden.

Saint Agostino Roscelli into a poor farming family he led a life of mystical contemplation as a shephard in hillsides of Genoa, Italy. As a priest he dedicated his life to reaching out to those condemned to death, and orphans.

The Saint for the Day is also Pope Saint Benedict II who fought monothelitism, mending the gap between G-d and people in our idealogy. He obtained the decree that abolished imperial confirmation of popes.  He made religion accessable to the masses.

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