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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The well at the wedding feast (rabbit style)

We hit water in the well, we tapped down about 8 1/2 feet through virgin substrate (loamy sand)  and we hit the water table, in my back yard. The Samaritan woman sat at Jacob's well and learned the passing of the old covenant. Jesus' first miracle was at a well during a wedding feast, where he turned water into wine. Wells are the meeting place throughout Palestine. To own a well was synonomous with owning the surrounding county. Christ likened the living waters, the waters of the springs, with the coming holy spirit. 

We filled the hole back in for the well that we dug, we were just digging to see if we would hit water to begin our soil analysis, maybe it will stay in the sacred spot between my house and the sacred maple grove, between the breadoven and the millstone, or maybe we will move it closer to the greenhouse.. 

The snake that we found the other day got away. It was my fault. Our native decay snake returned to Eve's Garden. I enjoy the reality of the creation story in my life, it gives me space to retell it from my own eyes and hands, it gives us all the imagination of storytellers. Believe it or not we received a Jubilee Grant from the Camden House to develop an urban orchard,  full of berries bushes, and fruit trees. We will have the apple tree and also  the tree with many different grafted fruits onto the various branches, similar to the tree that is spoken of in the New Jerusalen, along the everflowing river in the City. 

The snake got away, but we got another bunny rabbit today. Her name is Missie. That's right Juni has a girlfriend now. They are both mini-lops. I wish you could have seen his face when we opened his bunny hutch gate and give him his own mate. I wish you could have seen his sweet and sensitive, almost blushing response. He was relieved that he had cleaned out his nest earlier that day. Fwew. Have you ever heard the creation stories of Oestera and her oven fertility bird, old man winter, and the bunny that lays eggs? Sure you have, that's where we get Easter, and well now in the season of Easter when all is fertile we have a bunny with a superfetus that can get pregnant while she is pregnant with the next litter, i guess i should be worried that all of a sudden things get out of hand.  One rabbit can have 35 bunnies in one reproduction season.  Uh,  I think I am going to seperate them tomorrow, first thing. 

I got Missie today during a guerrilla poetry graffiti paint action we were having in the neighborhood. About half a dozen other artists and I went around the neighborhood and strategically staked claim to the boards covering the windows and doors of the house laid waste, waiting in eager expectation to be revealed in beauty. Kori and I painted Sonia Sanchez all over Jasper Street with the background color named "Garden Green" by the bunnies previous owner. In addition to Sanchez , Hafiz and Neruda, were painted on one block, with various other  poetic words and images going up about the neighborhood.  As  I was painting the girl's mother packed up the bunny and kicked it out the house, for smelling too much. Its nice that Sha-Sha can still come and visit her rabbit, I think I want to have one litter and then get them fixed, or maybe im not too late and I can separate them first thing in the morning as I am getting ready for our big heirloom seedling sale.

Rabbits are not rodents at all, they are considered lagomorphs, they are mammals, and don't lay eggs, ever. The other day my poetista in residence came over to the greenhouse with a mouse in her hand, a mouse that must have been poisoned and dying. Cassie held the mouse and I watched for some time as it struggled to breath, until it was closer to letting go than holding on.  I thought of this mouse in Cassie's hands when I read about our saint for the day, Cornelia Connelly. Born Cornelia Peacock she committed her life to Our Lady of Sorrows, and a life as a servant to the religious order after her 2 year old son died, in an accident in her kitchen all after her husband left her to pursue a life in the priesthood. She became a radical woman, and revolutionized the education of children. Today is also the saint day of Saint Expeditus, patron saint of those who deliver things on time. 

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