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Thursday, April 23, 2009

surf ruether

i am going to the ocean. i am going to go and lay my head on the sand and listen to the sounds of where the waves meet the land , and stare at the line between sea and sky, until you hear from me again.

I am going out to a Christianity and Ecofemism conference in SOuthern California until Tuesday night. One of my favorite Theologians Rosemary Radford Ruether will be presenting. I love her writing, she has and continues to really open my eyes and ears, fingers, and now i feel like i can sniff things out a lil better after all.

here is some of her books. . . . 
I am so very excited to think of things and go surfing in the healing waters of chaos and order. . . . 

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joel said...

i started reading "the radical kingdom", by her, and i really liked it. didnt make it the whole way through, but thats exciting you get to see her.