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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth's Day Eve.

The thunderstorm ions are still in the air, and my sweatshirt is still wet. It was wonderful spring weather today. I only work until 2 on Tuesday, and i went and played with the bunnies, and went up to the basketball courts shot around for a little while. Then I went over to the kickwall. I had one of those nerf soccer balls that we used to have when we were kids, and i ninja kicked GOAL after GOAL after Goal. Then I weeded in the garden for a while (we've transitioned more into a "no-till" method.)   I feel rejuvinated inside, thank g-d for the weather today. 

The grass shot out a few hues of greens, the potatoes are popping up all over the place, radishes were thinned, and tomorrow is Earth Day.

Its important not to think of tomorrow, Earth Day, in terms of being triple booked or overwhelmed. Tomorrow is just a glimpse of where the church and the children are going.
I am going to have a sunflower seedling planting contest tomorrow morning, at the Eco-Charter School's Earth Day Festival. The number one priority is fun.  We are have a sunflower seedling contest by classroom, the winners will be the ones that make the most seeds for next year.

Tomorrow, we plant as fast as we can, all day, as much as we can plant, till you don't have any room left, even after you've made more space a few times, just keep planting. PLant with thankful hearts. We are planting all of the watermelons and other select cucurbits in the greenhouse.    I wake in eager anticipation for the last frost to be revealed.

The thunder storm just finished rolling, and it is safe to sit on our front steps again and hear the distant rolling up and down the valley that seperates you and me.   The puddles sound huge like the water flies, like a carving tide, 8 feet at breaking point.  I am speaking tomorrow morning at the Urban Promise Chapel.  I will write my words for the speech, now, to you both:

I am most excited to be here with you today. I am most excited to be your neighbor. I am most excited to be one body with you,  drinking from the same cup of commuion, and drinking from the same tap.   Jesus is on our side, and he comes to us here, on this Earth Day, as he does everyday, and he calls us to live resurrection. We practice it and practice it, until it we live as the resurrected people, brought into the promised land, and sharing together ways that we can better love our neighbors.

I went to Eastern University, and I studied what I thought would bring the most healing to the most people possible, I desired to learn about justice. I live that now, helping people to start their own gardens, improving the soil, catching rain, and bringing people together to break bread.

In Romans we hear that Creation Waits in Eager Anticipation to be revealed. We are called to freedom in Christ, freedom as children, and we are free to break out of the bondage that has children of G=d to be revealed.

I am most grateful that we are one.

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