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Saturday, October 12, 2013

analog hinge haigu

It is past the autumnal equinox, and the days are less than half-full of light. We won’t see more than twelve hours of sunlight a day now until near St. Patrick’s Day.
I turned 33 in September, the same year as Jesus when , you know, he got everything done that he needed to do, only 33 years. Perhaps Jesus had counted his years the same way , as say, the Asians cultures, the child is one at birth. In that case, I left the city of Camden at the same age, at least for now..
All I could think about anymore was how it must feel to live near a body a water again that I could swim in. Dunk my head under, starting on the river bottom, snorkeling for craw fish. I needed to know the secrets of the mountains, I couldn't remember anymore some of the things that I started to forget, the water is boiling.
For my birthday this last month I was given a typewriter. Lovely . It is a Smith and Corona typewriter, the history of which I met at the intersection of analog and digital, the industrial revolution and war. Smith and Corona, the Smith of Smith and Wesson Guns, the Smith brothers Lyman, Wilbert, Monroe, and Hulbert Smith  had made the revolvers, made their fortune in industrial mechanical type design were approached by a man named Brown to produce a new typewriter.
My typewriter says Smith, the year before their merger with Corona, the merger which occurred in 1926. That is the extent of what I know about my typewriter, made with letters that hammer through the paper, in a time when there was no exclamation mark on the keys but fractions and cents. I started this blog some number of years ago as it is a way to share ideas. That is the benefit of digital. You are here reading it. The analog nature of the typewriter is traditional, the last 150 years, of the industrial revolution , made from the innovation of the revolver, has revolved now again into my life. During the Second World War the Smith Brothers were asked to focus again on the production of their weaponry loaded and aiming at an endless enemy.

On these keys I hammer

Haigu— Haiku with a picture and calligraphy


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