opening ourselves with the hinging daylight hours

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

snow raven

This morning I heard from the ravens that they had far more to tell me about the oncoming the weather than the weatherman, or lack of weatherman for this elevated micro-climate snow funnel that I deeply lovingly call home.  The birds woke me shortly after sunrise gawking in flight of the barametric pressure, the changing winds, indeed the relative humidity. Now  living in a snowglobe, three inches have already fallen, and the human "experts" are still predicting only half an inch by 4 pm today. We'll be getting six.

Had a dream last night. I was asked by a swirling lovliness of green, blue, yellow, and sunshine where I was taking the organization.  So you're well on your way to hiring an environmental education coordinator, you have these ripirian buffers planned to be planted. Color, you asked me, where will things be going? Thank you.   We'll be doing some mapping, a forest management plan, and indeed working through some environmental planning. Maybe even some data layers. Quantifying our cumulativeness.

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