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Thursday, April 8, 2010

april thunder

This week the weather has been quite unseasonably warm. I can't remember it being in the upper '80s for an extended period of time in early April. It has been a year of extremes for us here in climatic zone 6B in the mid-Atlantic region. We had the snowiest December, the wettest March, and we have had a June like weather patter through most of April.

Today we have been spreading the compost pile, clearing it, and leveling it for the coming spring chickies and their chicken coop. Throughout the afternoon and evening we worked on the rainbarrels. We have 32 complete. We will be making 50 rainbarrels to deliver to Haddon Township for their earth day festival. What a wonderful project. It really is a win-win-win situation when you begin to think about reducing storm-water run-off throughout the sewershed. Our project employs the residents of Camden to up-cycle food grade 55 gallon barrels. We worked through the cool of the evening, and now suddenly the sky has become electric. I few moments ago it sounded as though a tornado had touched down on 4th street. Smashing glass and loud bangs, I looked outside and my trashcan had blown down the street, even after i had put rocks in it to weigh it down.

The thunderstorms are coming, I can feel it in the air. it is time to pick up the pen.

Tomorrow we plant the cucumbers.

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