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Friday, October 2, 2009

Gathering Around the Unhewn Stone


I have been involved with planning this gathering of primitivism, Christianity and anarchy on Oct. 16-18th.

The line-up of presenters is quite impressive, and you should come its going to be aMAZing (and its free).

On the Friday night we are going to the Camden labyrinth for a prayer walk with drums, walking through Eve's Garden and sitting around the bread oven with the sounds of soul:

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Nomadic Farmer said...

I will be there, and I'm excited to see you and the garden. And...I ran out of money for printing so I never mailed out any of the zines, just distribnuted them in person, but I'm supposed to get more printed this sunday or monday, and send them out this coming week. SO Sorry! email me how many you want.