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Sunday, June 28, 2009

John the Baptized and Beheaded

I have been baptized with a full spectrum of emotion this week, baptism as the loss of control. I have been submersed and chaotically  emerging through the intersection of conflict and opportunity. 

Tuesday-The contractors came this week, and tore down 2 healthy trees, near the greenhouse, a mulberry and an aelanthus.  I watch the squirrels and the starlings every day return to the fallen trunks not knowing which end is up, for nuts or nest. They were torn down, but their roots are strong and they will grow up again. 

  Thursday--A friend dropped off some donated wood, and I stepped on a very sharp and long nail in the wood.  I stepped on a nail after we finished harvesting the rye, that we will mill into wheat for our communion.  The last time I stepped on a nail was about 4 years ago, on a good Friday,the Body of Christ, and the piercing, with sickle and the tetnus needle.

I have been meeting some wonderful farmers lately, telling me of their travels and their land, sharing stories of winter rye, and rainbarrels. I have been swept downstream.  Since the rain stopped all the farmers I know have been a little sunburnt, quite a bit bothered by a state of surplus mosquitos, and ready and eager to pull the vining weeds of the garden. These seasons make us wiser.

The past week I have been working on the design for the treehouse entrance to the greenhouse.  Here is what my friends (Joel and Kate) at Humankind Design have come up with:

I think the design is stunning.  You can read more about it here. 

A highly trusted advisor asked me to wait, and not have a group of contractors and carpenters, students, and clergy build the treehouse next week with donated labor and milled lumber. We will wait. 

Sunday, the beginning of this week--Have you ever had somebody rip out your plants, just because they thought they could, or didn't think of the the yard of perennials and grapevines ? Not only were they planted, but each of those plants had a different story, a different place of origin or face of contact.   I came home to 5 years of gardening in one yard resulting in 4 garbage bags outside the greenhouse on a night that wasn't even garbage night. This makes me very sad. I lost mint from my grandma's garden, grapevines, native plants, raspberry bushes, blueberries, Jerusalem artichoke, sedum, hostas.  During my reflection of John the Baptist, it does seem a bit extreme to compare the loss of plants with losing one's head, but I have to admit that I do feel as though I lost a part of myself , and I can only hope that the mint and the milkweed will grow back for some suntea and the monarchs. 


nikkicuc said...

plans look great. os sorry to hear about the plants...tomatoes made the move to the beach but looking a bit leggy and anemic. any advise? -nicole

andreaferich said...

are they getting full sun?