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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Greetings from Camden.  Here are the photos of the tree as I have promised you. YOu can see where the shed is currently standing.  I am going to fax you a copy of my diagrams and dimensions tomorrow. I would like to build a club house/shed/open air (locakable) pavillion where the shed is currently standing, with lots and lots of storage maybe even benches that open as tool/art supply storage units. I have placed the photos in order  as if you were walking from back to front around the shed and tree. The main entrance to the greenhouse will come through the back of the shed (as pictured in pic#1) walk through the shed and out the front of the shed.  I anticipate the platform that we are building to go from the rightside of the current shed  3/4 of the way to the telephone pole on the far left (all photo #1).   The platform will be approximately 8 feet off the ground. THis picture is facing to the east, to the right is south, behind the photographer is west, and to the left is north.  We would  like to have some framed out windows in the treehouse, and a framed out sky roof access.  I imagine the south side of the treehouse as a look out open sky platform, and possible various levels to the left. It would be nice to have a window on each side, and I even have pieces of an old framed out poly-greenhouse that could possibly make a really nice "sun room" on the south (right side in the photo below). 

I like trap doors, catching rainwater, southern exposure, and pulley systems. The silver maple tree is not a weight baring tree, so the treehouse must support itself, and no nails in the tree.

Today Chris looked at replacing the shed by the greenhouse with a sustainable pavillion that doubles as a platform for a treehouse in my backyard.

Facing south

south west

Below is the design of the greenhouse  beside where the treehouse will soon stand..  . .(for design ideas). Also please scroll down to see the design of our cobb breadoven with timberframe and living roof . The treehouse will  help connect the breadoven with the greenhouse

The edible native "spiderwort" appeared in my front yard.

Walked with 15 or so kids through the labyrinth, the children love to run through it. They run and dance and slap the sign and want to tell everybody they know.

Cinco de Mayo Film Premire.

Some mystery bunny rabbit ate all our snow peas to the ground.

and here's the growing Dexter:

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