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Sunday, April 19, 2009

genuflecting seedlings

My knee touched the ground today during our heirloom seedling sale at Sacred Heart. The Junior Farmers and I made over $700 in 3 hours selling the seedlings that we grew together, it will go toward their paychecks. The young farmers have been rewarded for the seeds that they planted and kept, before they were ever seen. Now they have 4 or 5 sets of true leaves, and they face the sun as it moves across the sky, almost bowing their heads. The farmers made money today, and many, many families have heirloom seedlings for their new gardens. For this I genuflect to the Body of Christ within the tabernacle, and grown as wheat in our gardens. I touch my right knee to the ground and bow my head in praise for every young child that brings their parents to please please please please buy some broccoli.

Today is the Feast Day of Divine Mercy, it is always the Sunday following Easter Sunday, the second Sunday during the Easter season.  We never kneel nor do we confess during Easter. We do not kneel on the kneelers during this season, we sit on the pews during prayer, in our wholeness, in the complete restoration through resurrection. The Feast Day of Divine Mercy, is the day that we celebrate the sacrament of forgiveness. 

I adore the act of kneeling, especially when Father Michael kneels, and we all go down together. I imagine his lil farm boy knees touching the soil of Ireland, and here touching Camden's alters with the same reverence. 

Without kneeling during the season of Easter, I am left to enact my reverence in the act of genuflection. I remember the first time I saw somebody genuflect, it was beside my Grandmother at Emmanuel Lutheran. I still imagine that I am beside my grandmother at Mass, that I  feel her hand in mine, and hear her voice within my own. 

When I first saw a woman genuflecting with my grandmother I wanted to do it. Now I crave to genuflect when I enter the church, whenever I enter a pew, whenever I look at the holyeucharist, and every morning as I enter the greenhouse, approach the hose, and begin to water. The genuflect aligns us with the bowing samurai or the knighting of Lancelot. It originated  from the knights paying homage to the king, a certain swaring of alliegiance. For me it completely subverts the empire in that we acknowledge that the only one that we bow before is the Creator of the Universe, made manifest in the body of Christ, the lamb that was slain. We lay all our weapons down with this bow. We genuflect, by bending down to touch our right knee to the ground while lowering our head, at the end of the pew as we enter and leave Mass, like a creed, enacted within our bodies. We genuflect the holyeucharist when it leaves the tabernacle, most holy. I bow my head now to think of it. Genflucting is all about whose feet  you fall . This is humus as human as humility we, the beloved community, bend to the ground in all .

Today is the Saint Day of Saint Expeditus, patron saint of merchants, navigation, ending procrastination and delivering messages on time. He comes to us in the middle of April as the first harvests are arriving, as the seedlings are being sold.

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